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You have already wanted to offer a meal "in a Turkish way" to your friends but without knowing how to do it?


After more than 15 years in Istanbul and Turkey, I am back in the South of France, in Perpignan. If you spend time in my region, and if you want to discover some secrets of the Turkish and Ottoman cuisine, I welcome you in my small kitchen, in the middle of spices, or I can come to your place.


If you wish to know more, you can contact me directly by email ( or find lots of cooking tricks on my website about cuisine of the world and spices : cooking AS


I propose my cooking classes in French of course, but also in English, German, and even in Turkish.


Sharing and transmitting knowledge are two essential values. Discover a foreign culture, even culinary, it is also discovering the way they live, it is knowing them from inside. Cuisine is for me much more than just simply put some ingredients together; it represents the traditional memory of a community, thus sharing of essential human values in a community life. To be acquainted with a culture, it is already integrating it into our life, and transmitting it, it is like offering this gift we received, which allows bringing down many barriers. As Buddha said: "ignorance is cause of suffering".



Share the information to your friends, thank you in advance!


Hope to see you soon!


Culinairy yours



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